Identity of the Kangaroo Group

The Kangaroo Group is an association of Representatives of the European Parliament, Commission and Council, Academia, Media and the Business Community. Its main goals are the full implementation of the Internal Market, the Stability of the Euro and the realization of a common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union. The group started in 1979 as an informal group of friends in the European Parliament. The Kangaroo was chosen for the name of the group due to its ability to take big jumps over any boundaries allthough it has a small pouch.

Today, the group is incorporated under Belgian law as a nonprofit organisation (aisbl). It has been entered into the Transparency Register of the European Union as a Think Tank.

The goal of the Kangaroo Group is to enhance European unity around the pursuit of common projects. We choose our projects in consideration of the principle of subsidiarity. The motto of the Kangaroo Group is free movement and security.


In the present international crisis of sovereign debt we foster the strict application of the rules of the European Union concerning monetary stability and measures to enhance growth and competitiveness of the European economy. We consider the Internal Market - a Home Market of continental size - as a valuable instrument to foster this goal.

We therefore fight for the removal of the remaining barriers to the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital between the Member States of the European Union. At the same time, we propose effective measures to secure the external borders of the European Union.

We consider external security as a necessary basis for economic progress. We therefore foster a common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union, better spending by closer cooperation between the Member States and the application of the rules of the Internal Market in the field of security and defence.

To these ends, we organize events at which Members of Parliament, other European Institutions, academics and economic operators can discuss these goals with a view to identifying European solutions to our common problems. Our meetings are open to anyone who wishes to participate in this debate.

The Kangaroo Group is an informal forum in which ideas from different origins can be discussed. It is funded by subscriptions from members who support our objectives. It does not represent any particular ideology or interest group.

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