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The Kangaroo Group is an association with the goal to enhance European Unity around the pursuit of concrete common projects. Its main goals are the full implementation of the Internal Market, the Stability of the Euro and a common Security and Defence Policy. The association started in 1979 as an informal gathering of Members of the European Institutions from different countries and political affiliations interested in breaking down the barriers between the Member States. The Kangaroo was chosen for the name of the group due to its ability to take big jumps over any boundaries although it only has a small pouch.


Today the Kangaroo Group is an association incorporated under Belgian law as a nonprofit organisation (aisbl). It has been entered into the Transparency Register of the European Union as a Think Tank. It is open to Representatives of the European Institutions, Academia, Media and the Business Community who are interested to foster these goals. It is not an Intergroup of the European Parliament. The motto of the Kangaroo Group is free movement and security. We choose our projects in consideration of the principle of subsidiarity.

Next Events



Wednesday, 17 July 2024 at 13:00 hrs


The Kangaroo Group is pleased to invite you to the next Strasbourg Lunch debate taking place on  in the European Parliament Strasbourg, Salon Privé/Restaurant des Députés.


The title of this debate is:


"Rising challenges in the geopolitical context - how can we ensure the industry's competitiveness in the next five years ?"



  • Thierry BRETON, Commissionner for the Single Market

  • Patrick HORBER, President International, Novartis


The meeting will be kindly welcomed and chaired by Michael GAHLER MEP, President of the Kangaroo Group.


A Welcome Drink will be organised before the debate at 12.30 hrs in front of the Salon.




We are looking forward to welcoming you at this debate


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